Association of North East Asia Regional Governments Newsletter
Vol.82  Sept-Oct 2018
Lastest NEWS

Lecture by Specialist in the Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation

NEAR Secretariat Visits Northern Logistics Research and Support Center

NEAR Delegation Visits Sakha Republic, Russia

5th NEAR Subcommittee on Mineral Resources Development held in Magadan Region, Russia

NEAR Secretariat Co-hosts Economic Cooperation Forum of CEO in Northeast Asia 2018

Northeast Asia Young Leaders Forum 2018

Member NEWS
Japan-Ishikawa Prefecture

Noto Furusato Expo

Over the weekend, the Noto Furusato Expo was held in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The peninsula is home to a variety of events.

China-Hunan Province

Hunan International Tourism Festival 2018

Hunan International Tourism Festival 2018 will be held in Liling City, Hunan Province, China from September 25 to October 2, 2018. Liling City is known as the city of porcelain, history, and culture.

South Korea-Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

1st Korea-Russia Interregional Cooperation Forum

The first South Korea-Russia Interregional Cooperation Forum will take place in early November in Pohang City, South Korea.

Mongolia-Gobi-Altai Province

Sand Festival 2018

The annual Sand Festival was held from August 18 to 19 at the Ereen Lake tourist camp located by Lake Ereen in one of the national parks of Gobi-Altai Province.

Russia-Sakha Republic

1st International Intellectual Games Held in Yakutsk

From July 8 to 15, the first International Intellectual Sports Games were held in Yakutstk of the Republic of Sakha. 1,500 youth from all aound the world including Russia, participated in the event.

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